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PC / PMMA Extrusion, Co-Extrusion Manufacturer

J.X Extrusion is a leading polycarbonate extrusion manufacturer and exporter for custom extruded PC lighting diffuser and Polycarbonate extrusion lampshade. We provide full design support and ensure quality and consistency by building all extrusion and extrusion dies in our in-house tooling facility.


20 years of successful custom plastic profile extrusion experience


For nearly 20 years, JX Extrusion has been a leader in custom plastic extrusion profiles. We specialize in PVC, PC, ABS and other materials for co extrusion profiles, pipes and channels. With 15 extruders, we have the capacity to carry out mass production. We provide custom plastic extrusion from design to production, and our experienced engineers can convert CAD sketches into product shapes. Our in-house tooling manufacturing enables fast production and delivery. We also offer value-added services such as drilling, punching, bending, threading, machining, and surface printing. We prioritize fast delivery time and competitive prices to meet market demand.


Coextrusion is the continuous extrusion of two or more materials simultaneously to create a single tube or profile.

Extruded Plastic Profiles-PVC,ABS,PC,PP

Polycarbonate Extrusion Parts Manufactured

Extrusion Lighting Components

Custom Extrusion Lenses & Diffusers
Polycarbonate Extrusion Parts Manufactured

Plastic Tubing and Pipe

Polycarbonate Lighting Cover Series

Product Catalogue

Plastic extrusion can be divided into PVC Extrusion, PC Extrusion, ABS Extrusion, PP Extrusion, and others according to raw materials and production processes. As a leading manufacturer of plastic extrusion profiles, we are able to make customized extruded plastic profiles with drawings.
Two Color Profile Co-extrusion company

Co Extrusion Profiles


PC/PMMA Extrusion


PVC Extrusion

plastic ABS extrusion profile parts

ABS Extrusion

plastic HDPE extrusion company

HDPE Extrusion

ASA extrusion profiles manufacturing company

ASA Extrusion

More Products / Custom Your Plastic Extruded Parts

Customized PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile & Tubing Manufacturer

Pvc Profile- Flame Retardant
Pvc Shell Profile Anti-Uv Plastic

Complex Big Pvc Profile
PVC flame retardant portable power bank shell extruded profile
Pvc Fire Retardant Battery Case Shell

ABS Plastic Extrusion Profile & Tubing Manufacturing

Black ABS Profile Extrusion
ABS Extruded Tubing And Piping
Color square tube Extruded, ABS PVC Square Profile Extrusion
Color Extruded ABS Square Profile
ABS Channel Extrusion Part

PE (HDPE) Extrusion Profile & Tubing Manufacturing

HDPE Profile Extrusion Company
PE Profile Extrusion
Extruded PE Profiles Mfg
Extruded HDPE Tubing
soft pe profile extrusion manufacturing
Color PE Solid and Soft Tube

PE (HDPE) Extrusion Profile & Tubing Manufacturing & WIRE TRUNKING PVC PROFILE

PVDF TUBE,Oil and gas pipes
PVDF Pipe, chemical liquid delivery pipes
Plastic trunking PVC profiles extrusion


Diffused Tube & Led Strip Mould Translucent Pmma Cover Pc Lampshade
Diffused Tube Led Strip
Extruded PC pipe company
Extruded Clear PC Pipe
PC Tubing Pipes

Applicable industries.


Offering design and production of bespoke rigid, flexible and co-extruded polymer / plastic / PVC profiles.

Manufacturers of Plastic & PVC Extrusions

We are a leading China-based plastic & PVC extrusion manufacturer producing a wide range of plastic & PVC extrusion and plastic & PVC extrusion-derived products from our dedicated facility in the South China. Offering design and production of bespoke rigid, flexible and co-extruded polymer / plastic / PVC profiles, let our 20 years of experience and proven track record help you develop the optimal quality plastic extruded solution for your application.

Plastic Extrusions is proud to maintain a diverse product base and to serve a variety of key industries:
Electronic communication industry: profile housing, antenna tube, structural parts.
Office furniture industry: PVC hard tubes, ABS plastic corners and channels, PVC decorative panels, door seals and strips.
Household Appliance Industry: PVC/TPU edge strips and sealing strips, PVC decorative strips, ABS structural parts and other plastic gaskets.
Building materials : sealing strips, gussets, decorative strips, shaped parts door and window profiles.
Kitchenware and gift industry: hard pipe strips, hose strips, profiled components.
Lighting industry: PC lampshade, PC Lens, PC diffuser Lampshade, LED fluorescent tube, etc.
Small toy project: POM bars, PEEK rod.
Building Products;
Curtain Wall;
Door and Window;
Office Products;
Point of Purchase;
Signage & Display;

Why Choose Us

As Your Plastic Extrusion / Co Extrusion Manufacturing Partner

We have strong and efficient manufacturing capabilities to produce simple or complex plastic extrusion prototypes and parts. All products meet strict tolerance standards and quality standards and can be delivered quickly. Will make us your partner and helper.

Quick Quote for You

Quickly quote you and analyze your production parts based on 2D/3D drawings and important requirements.

Oem/Custom Extruded Profiles And Tubes

J.X.Plastics offers custom plastic extrusion as well as co-extruded profiles and tube manufacturing, including PVC, ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.

Fast Manufacturing Extrusion Mold, Affordable

Manufactured in a house, the delivery time is short and the quality of the parts manufactured by plastic extrusion is guaranteed. Provide free mold design and mold maintenance.

100% Raw Material Quality Inspection

Before mass production, we conduct strict quality control checks and tests on thermoplastic resins purchased from major suppliers as the most important step to guarantee the high quality of finished plastic profiles.

Quality assurance

Our extrusion experts have extensive experience to successfully handle the most complex extrusion designs, ensuring that your requirements are met to ensure quality assurance. Tests are available upon request.

Delivery Time Guarantee

J.X.Plastics conducts continuous production status reports and professional logistics services on a weekly basis to ensure that your plastic extruded parts arrive in time to support your production.

Any Custom Plastic Extrusion Questions

Get Your Custom Plastic Extrusion Products within 15 Days

include plastic profile extrusions; plastic extruded tubing ; Co-extrusion manufacturing; tir-extrusion;PC/PMMA Lighting Tubing

About OEM & Custom Plastic Extruded Profiles & Tubing


About JX Plastic Extrusion

Our Specialty Extrusion


Two-color Plastic Extrusion

Transparent material extrusion


Custom Plastic Tri-Extrusion

As with two-color co-extrusion, more materials/colors are co-extruded.

Custom profile tube extrusion

Extrusion of profiles, pipes, special-shaped cross-section plastics

What Our Customers Say

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J.X. Plastic is Great!My experience working with J.X. Plastic has been nothing but great. Their communication is exceptional, and Wayne was always available to answer any questions I had. The finished products we receive are of the highest quality and meet expectations. What really stands out is the great service I always receive from Wayne. He's always committed to ensuring we were satisfied. Overall, I would highly recommend JX Plastic Extrusion and Wayne to anyone looking for a reliable supplier.

Joana M


Great prices, lead times, and quality of work
Lucy and the JX team have become invaluable suppliers for our prototyping to the mass production process. Their response time is quick, their prices and lead times are great, and the products I've received have been excellent. I can't recommend them enough!

Patrick L


Exceptional production at a competitive price.
My experience with JX has been nothing but exceptional. From the start, the communication has even been accurate and fast. Specificities of the design that may meet production difficulties are promptly pointed out with suggested solutions. The price of our extrusion parts are competitive. And the QC of the final product is also excellent. There is no doubt that I will go back again.

Hunt D

Orbital Sidekick

Our Amazing Clients

Excellent plastic extrusion production supplier JX. Plastics is a custom plastic extrusion profile manufacturer in China, with rich plastic extrusion engineers and extrusion production technicians, assisting customers to complete projects quickly and with high quality.

Get Your Custom Plastic CoExtrusion Products within 15 Days

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Yes, we can make co-extruded profiles, these profiles include two or more different materials that are coupled together. It is possible to join rigid and flexible materials, with different colors, as well as materials with different mechanical properties.
Yes, we can supply a range of transparent materials whether rigid or flexible, in various grades of opaque according to customer’s specifications.
It varies according to the type of profile, for non-stock products, it depends on the profile types, and varies between 1000 and 5000 meters.

Extrusion is a continuous process and therefore it is possible to cut profiles as per customers’ specifications. At the same time, some profiles and gaskets or sealing profiles made in flexible or semi-rigid materials can be supplied in rolls.

We have the capability to cut, bore, shear, and mill profiles during the extrusion process (inline). We can also perform additional processes (offline) like precise cut to length requirements, or with different degrees of cutting inclinations.

Yes, we can print your brand name, the batch number, the date or other data on the plastic profiles or tubing if you need.

Generally, all thermoplastics: rigid, flexible, semi-rigid, and reinforced profiles including biodegradables such as PC, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PVC…
Yes, we can apply removable protective films on the profiles to protect them from impacts or scratches upon request.
Customer can samples to our factory,then we can copy or provide you better solutions. Our technical team will make CAD or 3D file for you after your confirm the order.
Yes, many profiles extruded by H.D. Plastics are designed by our customers. Our technical team will offer dimensional suggestions as well as the selection of the most suitable raw material to reduce the engineering time and facilitate the project into full success.
Yes, we can make co-extruded profiles, these profiles include two or more different materials that are coupled together. It is possible to join rigid and flexible materials, different colors, as well as materials with different mechanical properties.
A drawing or sketch, a photo or a sample,quantity requested,raw material type (if known) and application features. Our engineers will subsequently contact you for additional information for an exact quote for your project.
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